Oak Harbor High School
Class of 1987
looking for kevin floyd
this is margaret Elrich looking for keivn floyd his name wasnt in the missing classmates. Please help me look for him.
margaret elrich

I want to thank April for sending me the reunion information on myspace or I would not have made it!  For those on myspace, you can always keep in touch with me there:  http://myspace.com/coldbeach

I try to keep my photobucket site updated:  http://s48.photobucket.com/albums/f232/coldbeach/

THANK YOU to Lori (Ploeg) for spending the weekend with me & being the first guest in our new room.

I admit I was overwhelmed by how many people I did remember & those who remembered me.  I am sorry if I missed some of you & didn’t get a chance to talk to you.  I never left Oak Harbor & don’t plan to, so you know where to find me!  I was happy I could get Mike W. to attend, to see Jim Gabor, April, Dawn (you better keep in touch), Amy (a beautiful lady & mother), Lori (BFF), Jason, Charles: glad I convinced you to go…..just so many of you to list.  I do hope for those MIA to attend at the next one.  Corey Newell was sorry he missed it this year! 

Life is too short, I hope you will all keep in touch with me & I really do mean that:  coldbeach@gmail.com

Too bad I missed getting my paper turned in for the most pets owned LOL!!  I had 32 dogs/pups at one time and even now I have 9 dogs, 1 cat and 6 Guinea pigs… Let’s see what happens by the 25-year reunion. If I can help for the next reunion with anything, I am local, just drop by the store or drop me an email!!  Take care everyone & I will try not to have the sunburnt nose next time but I have to get all the sun I can on this island!

And The Winner Is. . . .

A recap of the 20th year award winners:

Most Changed:  Anne Chambers was the winner, with a narrow victory of one vote over Marlene Wellborn.  Charles Swain swept the votes for the men.

Least Changed:  Jimmy West won the honors, but Jeff Porter wasn't close behind.  For the women, a tie between Beth Wyner and Michelle Churchill couldn't be broken, even with the number of votes cast for Dawn Klundt.

Most Kids:  Marla Silvey and Amy Butler both have six a piece.  Coincedently, both of them home school their children and both have babes under one year old.

Most Pets:  Eugene Oisten claimed to have lived with nine pets all at the same time.

Traveled the Farthest:  Donald Blondin traveled all the way from Myanmar (Burma) to attend.  April Crocker, who traveled from England, was a close second.

Worst Job Since Graduating:  This top honor was bestowed to Sheree Doll, who admitted that at one time post-high school, she dug through other people's garbage with her hands to find recyclables.

Kate Burns

It was so great seeing everybody and talking about what we've done in the last 20 years.  Seeing friends that I havent' talked to in years was like going back in time and we're back at school.  I am so glad that I came and hope that I keep in touch with everybody again and not let so much time go by.

Dawn, we better not let 19 years go by again!  Sherry and Jim, I know where you live now so don't think I won't be visiting you when I come back to visit.  To all the other friends that I saw and didn't get their email, here is mine so you better write!! Also anyone want to see the New England's awesome fall foliage come visit me!!!

so here is my email r_lazzari@hotmail.com

Thanks to the reunion crew, you did an AWESOME job!! thank you, thank you and thank you!!

Rebecca Lazzari aka Becky Hafer

Rebecca Lazzari
You Made My Summer!
I, too, had so much fun seeing those old familiar faces- every single one! I mean that lovingly; I just looked at my preschool class picture the other day- some of us were together a long time! Thank you everyone for sharing your joy with me.

Wishing you all a great winter,
Kathy Simpler
Thank you to all the committee and people involved in putting our reunion together. It was so great to see everyone again and certainly worth the trip over from ol' blighty! I think my husband was a bit overwhelmed at our celebrations, but they don't do this kind of thing in England. He was happy just taking snaps. I hope to keep in touch with some of you a little better than I have been. I'm ashamedly bad at keeping up with e-mail but you can always keep in touch with me via Myspace or Flickr. My user name is shigatsuhana.
April (Crocker) Boyd
Till next time......

   I am so glad I went to the Friday night event.   Seeing so many familiar faces was great.   I heard the Saturday and Sunday events were just as much fun.    It would be great to keep in contact with everyone I started to catch up with at Flyers.    sandlbebee@hotmail.com

Hope to see you all again real soon.   Lisa (Henderson) Bebee

Lisa Henderson Bebee
The Perfect Song

Texas has produced tons of great music.  One of our local bands (from Austin) is on the rise; Brandon Rhyder.  One of his songs "Merry Go Round" fit our weekend to a tee.  Here is the first verse and chours but if you want to hear his song; feel free to visit his site http://www.brandonrhyder.com - I am sure some of you will be hooked. He is a fixture in my cd player.  Again - GREAT weekend and I just wanted to share the song.

I got drunk last night on a bottle of wine; I got to see some old friends, I haven't seen in a really long time; Ain't nothing changed, they still act all just the same; Just grown up kids, willing to do it all over again

Cause life ain't nothing  but a Merry Go Round; Pick up a bottle, and we'll pass it around; Life ain't nothing but a Merry Go Round; And it never, no it never, slows down

Some things never change!!
Jimmy West had the most fun!!
Selena Enriquez
What an AWESOME weekend!

I knew I'd have fun (hey with Val and Amber who can go wrong?) but it was so exciting to see everyone and catch up.  Thank you Jason for holding the Friday night event, your establishment and staff are GREAT!  Also, I'd like to thank Greg Mosher for being a great host and holding the "after parties" at his amazing house....and the BBQ too.  My head is still spinning from all the fun we had and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and those who didn't make it (Mary Wilson,Mike Fowler, Mathew Holman, Ramona Lauguana, Bob Tyhous (sp) and many more) and I hope that everyone will make an effort to come out and have fun the next time.  Shane, thanks for bringing the Gator Mobile and congrats on being able to keep it! Dawn Klunt, you still crack me up "Speak your mind, drink your beer!" I'll never forget that one!  Selena, you are so sweet and your family shows it.  Melissa and Baggy, keep it real!  Jason Patrello, I still think the vote was rigged-you should have gotten least changed especially with that camera : )-  Jimmy and Amber, lets not "carpool" with Val next time LOL!!

 Thanks to those who put this reunion together and this web site, with out them the reunion wouldn't have had such a great turn out !

See everyone at the 25th (I really hope we have one for the 25th because at the 30th we'll all be pushing 50)!

April (Wills) Wyett

April Wyett
So much fun so little time

Oh my goodness did we have a great time or what!!!!!  I am so glad I decided to be brave and go to all 3 events.  It was absolutely amazing to see everyone again.  I am confident this will go down in history as one of my fondest memories.  I also what to thank the committe for pulling all of this together.  Without you guys the weekend wouldn't have existed so thanks so much. 

We all said we would keep in touch and I really do hope that we do.  There were so many friendships rekindled I would love to see them burning bright over the next 5 years.  Lets not say we are going to but just do it.

Take care

Lori Wells (Ploeg)

Lori Wells
I can't believe it has been 20 Years!

It was great seeing everyone and sharing stories of our life events since High School.  Thanks to everyone that hosted the reunion - you all did a great job! Flyers was AWESOME!

For 20 years, we all look pretty damn good!  Looking forward to the 25th or 30th.  Keep in touch - lolalistx@satx.rr.com - San Antonio is a great city (The Alamo City!) - stop by and say "hey."

Take care and thanks to all - Lisa Oubre

Lisa Oubre
Ohhh the memories

Thank you to the committee for organizing the events.  With out you there wouldn't have been such a wonderful weekend.

Thanks to the spouses/partners for your patients with the "do you remember when's" and those wild stories really did happen.

What a wonderful time visiting and seeing people that I've gone to school with since 1st grade.  Everyone looked wonderful and I'm so glad we're not waiting another 10 years to get together again.  5 years is already a long ways away.  I really enjoyed remembering the fun times we had.  I hope more of our classmates can make the 25th.   Please keep in touch.  Sharon Leach (Barnett)

Sharon Leach (Barnett)

Great weekend everyone.  Great time at Flyers (props to Jason and Greg), at golf the next morning (Bill M. must have been cheating or he really IS that good), Saturday, then all the families on Sunday (how did your kids get so freakin' big???).  Everyone looks great and I saw a whole lot of people hanging out with those folks they wouldn't have back in high school.  I like that --> busting down walls. 

Live long, live proud Wildcats.  

Brett Eddy
Speak your mind - Drink your beer!

Thank you Dawn for one of the catchiest phrases and probably a close theme to the weekend. Thanks to the committee staff for all their time and dedication to making it a success!  

Val Rose
Wowsers! Let's do it again!
Killer weekend! Seeing such a huge turnout was awesome, and it was really cool to catch up with people again after all these years (but 20? Just can't be 20 already!!!!!)

So many of us have changed so little since we got out of school, it was like a major time warp right back to the 80's again. So naturally I just had to let the freak out and do one more air guitar solo for ya'll just for old times's sake. :P Thanks to all who went bananas with their cameras when I did, can't wait to see the pictures.

Just being able to see the whole gang again was such a wonderful time. I pretty much consider the whole class my posse; I wasn't really that tied in with any of the many labels (jocks, nerds, smokers, stoners, etc. etc.), so I really bounced around and was part of all of them for a time, I guess. So it was important to me to see ALL OF YOU! Glad so many made it.

With a class this large though, is one weekend really enough? Maybe we need to plan something longer....... Maybe a special thing next summer just for fun, who's game?

Contact me at ohhs87@verizon.net if you'd like to discuss that idea further.

I did tell some people I was running an Internet-based radio station. If you'd like to listen to it, here's the address you can use to tune in:


Any software like winamp, Windows Media Player, or iTunes, that has the ability to play a URL (internet address) can be used to listen in. I keep music going on there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but also do some live shows (at the moment some shows have been postponed, so for now I'm only DJ'ing live on Friday nights from 9 PM until 11 PM Pacific time, but that will be changing).

Hope to see ya'll again real soon!

Rich Vance
Rich Vance
Fun times!

What a great weekend it was!  It was so wonderful to see everyone, share old memories, and make some new ones.  I loved hearing stories about how we are all doing now.

Thank you to the entire committee that did such a fantastic job on the weekend.  You all really made the reunion a complete success. Kudos!

I would love to keep in touch! If anyone ever gets to Florida, I live 5 minutes from DisneyWorld.  Bring the kids and we will have a blast.  Take Care!

Michelle Churchill Long   Mlong10@cfl.rr.com

Michelle Long

I am still reeling from the weekend!!  My family and I had a great time.  I'm so glad we were able to attend.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. It makes me happy to see everyone doing well in their lives and that they have found happiness. I think our graduating class has the cutest kids!!!  Dawn, Eunice,Sharon,Beth,Terri, Alan,Doug, Errol,Quinton and so many others it was so good to see you and meet your families !!!  Congrats to Rodney and his fiancee! It was good to see you RC hopefully the next time we see you we'll finally meet the woman who was able to tame you! Ha! HA! Jason Petrillo-hang on to that gal! April, Rebecca, Amy-I'm so relieved that I got to see you again-emails and phone calls doesn't hold a candle to seeing you in person and giving you a big hug!! Let's continue to keep in touch! I only wish Rechell could have been there with us. At least we have pics to share with her!  

Many thanks to the reunion committee for making this possible!

Now as we go back to our normal lives - may we reflect on this past weekend as a time of remembrance and celebration and continue leading happy and healthy lives till we see each other again.

Love to all,

Selena (Enriquez) McCulloch

Selena McCulloch
Thank you

Just like in high school, Mr. Petrillo insisted that we all look at his really large lens and smile. He was always really gifted in that department. I am SO VERY GLAD that Jim Gabor decided to show up; I am glad that my stalking skills work. You have to be proud of something.Thanks to Beck and April for making me laugh so hard I almost burst! May we never be seperated for 20 years again! It was great seeing people that I haven't seen in 20 years. I felt so comfortable with them, it was like I had just a conversation with them the day before in the commons.

I am on the downside of fun now. I just got back from grocery shopping and the labels on the cans didn't seem as bright, the floors seemed unwashed and streaked with mud, the sale they were having made things more expensive.

Thank you everyone so very much for making this one of the greatest weekends I could have wished for. Hope that you all stay happy and well. 

See you in a few years,

Dawn (Klundt) Hardman

Dawn (Klundt) Hardman
What a great weekend! I was a real treat seeing everyone and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow up with such great people. I think everyone looked great and I enjoyed the laughter and good times that we had sharing various stories from our childhood. Want to wish everyone good health and happiness in the years to come and hope to see everyone at our next reunion (25th or 30th?) Maybe by then I will have changed a little....oh who am I kidding, if hasn't happened by now it aint gonna happen.

Take care,
Jimmy West
Jimmy West
Friday Fun!

WoW! What a whirlwind. So many faces to see again. It was great to get a first hand peek at everyone as they walked in the door. Heather and I didn't want to leave. We kept shooing Kate and Carolyn away.

It amazed me that some changed so much, they were hard to recognize, and others changed not one bit!